Friday, December 3, 2010

Ideas that become reality

 Hello out there! Welcome to the Colorado Feast of Blades blog!

    In Space Marine Lore, what little is known (or speculated) about the feast of blades is that it is a gathering of champions from twelve specific Space Marine Chapters every hundred years, designed to demonstrate thier prowess and build comraderie.

   In this spirit, we will be organizing an anuall Feast of Blades of our own. (a hundred years seemed too long to wait for the next one). After GenghisCon every year, all stores that wish to send a representative, will have one month to hold a qualifying tournament, and will send the top two players they have. The details of that tournament are at the store or groups sole discretion in regards to point level and judging method of these preliminary rounds, but the Finals will always be held at 2000 pts. and have a score componant that includes the hobby side of the game.
   Prizes will be awarded to those placing First and Second Overall, as well as a prize for Best Painted, and Best General. What those prizes end up being exactly will be determined soon, as well as the exact method for the scoring.

  We are very excited to have this event in the works, and I hope everyone who wishes will have an opportunity to participate in it.

   Dragoon 6

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