Thursday, December 30, 2010

Decisions, decisions

 So some of the toughest desicions we've had to make regarding all aspects of how this new tournament is going to work have at last been made. Here are the highlights:

   This is a two round tournament. one qualifyer for each participant store will be held on March 5th. The Final will be held at Stonebridge Games in Longmont two weeks after that. Each store will send it's 1st overall and 2nd overall finishers to the final. In the event that 1st or 2nd cannot attend the finals, invitations will be extended to others in the following order:
  Best General
  Best Painted
  3rd Overall
  4th Overall get the picture.

The cost for entering the Feast of Blades tournament Series is $15 per person. This fee will be shared 50/50 between the host store to pay for local prizes, and the finals staff to pay for finals prizes. Included in the prize packages for 1st and 2nd Overall at each qualifier is free entry to the Finals.

 The winner of the Finals event earns for his home store the right to display the Feast of Blades Championship Banner, bearing thier name and date of victory,  and the opportunity for thier store to host the next Finals event, in addition to whatever merchanidise and other goodies we are able to afford.

In about a month, we will be contacting each store for contact information to the person that will organize and judge the qualifying event in thier store, and we will be providing each organizer with all the tools they will need to run the event. Custom Missions, score sheets, a report card, and anything we think of that they'll need, will be included in the package. We are depending on the gaming community for this, because after, there are only two of us. :) My partner and I will be presiding Officials during the Finals, and will make ourselves available by phone should some question arise that the local organizer doesn't feel they can handle, during the day of the qualifiers.

    And that's pretty much it for now. Basic decisions have been about the details of the loot, and we've got nifty surprises for people if we can everthing to swing our way.

   Are you excited about this event? Do you have a cool idea that might make it awesome? WE'd love to hear about what gets our fellow 40k-ers stoked for a big event! Drop us a line at and help us make the Feast of Blades as good as it can be.

   Dragoon 6

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